Best email marketing practices

Email marketing is one of the most successful forms of digital marketing in today’s world. Why? Because you engage with your clients/audiences directly in their inbox! Email marketing best practices will see you increase your conversion rate hence increasing your general sales and revenue.

We all at some point receive regular emails from various companies/brands that we subscribed to their products and or services. How do they achieve their email marketing goal though?

Email marketing is a continuous and consistent form of marketing that is aimed at retaining clients by sharing newsletters, offers, promotions, and or coupons to loyal clients! Email marketing, however, is not achieved overnight. It is something done over and over again putting into consideration best practices so as to achieve your marketing goals. In this post, am going to take you step by step on email marketing best practices and how to achieve your email marketing goals.

How to build a mailing list.

Mailing list

A successful email marketing campaign starts from the mailing list. This is where your audiences are. Depending on the acquisition, your mailing list determines who reads your email and clicks on the links for you to achieve your goal. Here are few ways on how to build a successful mailing list

Well, building a mailing list ain’t a one-day thing rather a continuous and consistent journey. Some of the methods can involve money as in buying email addresses and or giving freebies in exchange for the emails
The most common way is signing the subscription form. This more so in those ‘juicy’ blogsĀ  that can help you make extra cash comes out the best form of building mailing list.
Then the smart one is getting a freebie and popularizing it on social media and other digital marketing platforms. Here you are given either a checklist, a course or guideline, tips, and recipes in exchange for your email. So what next after getting the email addresses?
On creating your mailing list, you start sending the marketing emails to your audience. Here are the best email marketing practices.
1. Personalize your emails. To look more real, personalize your emails to an individual and not a group. This way, your emails will be read by all your audiences.
2. Don’t sound spammy. Spammy emails are not successful. Even if you are offering something for free, it doesn’t mean it is cheap. So at all cost, avoid words such as 100% free, free money… will see your emails sent to spam.
3. Customize your emails. Customize your emails to fit and represent your brand. This will help your audience identify you easily.
4. Segment your Emails. Segment your emails accordingly so that your campaigns can be successful at the end.
5. Send the emails at the right time. Different locations have differences in timing. Identify the right time to send your emails so that they don’t end up mixed up with others and later forgotten.


Email marketing is one strategy every business should put into practice as far as digital marketing is concerned. However, ensure your emails add value to the audience. Otherwise, if your emails are only sales-driven campaigns, you will start losing your subscribers one by one.

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